About Us

Our Strategy

Rethink's strategic objective is to further  develop its Talent Management services and client relationships.

There is considerable opportunity in this core  market and we will focus on our strengths and experience in the Business and Technology,  Retail and Pharma and Life Sciences sectors.

Our view is that the most attractive growth  opportunities for the Group lie in Talent Management services where we can build deeper strategic relationships with clients, by providing a complete service including talent identification, assessment, deployment and on-going development and engagement strategies. Increasingly, we will seek out projects and managed service opportunities in order to become more embedded within our clients. While this in itself is not a change of strategy, it is an important change of emphasis which we believe will manifest itself in improved financial performance, as we are able to demonstrate the benefits to clients.

SmallIn 2013 we launched a three year strategic plan. Under our plan a key objective is to ensure that over 60% of the Group's performance is derived from Talent Management services generated through long term client relationships, with Recruitment services providing the balancing 40%.

Expansion will come through a combination of organic growth and, where appropriate, selective acquisitions that support the Group’s strategic growth objectives.

Our intention is to drive organic growth in both our Talent Management and Recruitment divisions with Talent Management taking the lead.

A key part of this strategy is the continued focus on our Recruitment division, from where many of the future Talent Management opportunities will be developed.

We will continue to work closely with clients and partners to develop three key talent management capabilities:


  • Workforce Planning - which will embrace organisational design, career transition and redeployment, and software enabled planning.

  • Attraction – which covers many of the activities and capabilities that are deployed across our client base, and includes employer branding, website design and management, talent pooling, screening and assessment, face to face hiring and on-boarding.

  • Performance Management and Retention - which covers a range of services to ensure that talent, once hired, is effectively deployed. This includes performance management, team profiling, talent programmes, engagement strategies and leadership development.


The purpose of this strategy is to deliver sustainable and recurring revenue streams, which in turn will support a premium valuation for our equity stakeholders and greater career opportunities for our employees.