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Oct 20, 2017 | News

The digital skills shortage; we keep talking about it, but the problem’s just not being addressed; just this morning a report by Fujitsu said that 42% of UK businesses have cancelled digital projects in the past two years because of a lack of skilled resource to undertake them.

We see it across our group each day; the increase in clients coming to us looking for digitally skilled candidates is phenomenal, the amount of tech-related jobs keeps on growing, but amidst the growth, there’s no apparent strategic plan for businesses, from the Government or the education sector to tackle this tangibly and long-term.

So, this week, we’ll launch the first course at our dedicated coding school in Manchester. 20 students will undertake a week-long Code Nation programme in which they’ll cover coding basics – graduating with a diploma.

Soon after, another 20 students will undertake our first 12-week ‘Master’ course.

The school’s the only one in the country that’s backed by a recruitment company; our collective USP is that we’re able to open doors for Code Nation students thanks to pledges from lots of awesome Rethink Group clients who’ve committed to offering students an interview for digital roles if they can.

By bridging the gap between businesses and the candidates – and ensuring that the candidates are trained as part of a brilliant coding curriculum – we’re really hoping to reduce the gap and create a model that can be replicated around the country to help even more regions tackle the shortage ahead.

You can find out more on our website or by emailing our school’s head Alex Belford.

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